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vgames_lims's Journal

A Last Icon-Maker Standing Comm for Video Games
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vgames_lims will play out very similarly to American Idol. Many will compete but only one will win the title "Best Videogame Iconist".

The community is run by your moderators Kaiser (powercorrupts @ hanzaisha), and Mo (furious @ hella).

1. The moderators will give you a different theme every week. It could be something as simple as "The Final Fantasy Series" or something as obscure as "Indigo Prophecy". You will be given an image or a set of images but you may choose another image so long as it sticks to the theme. ( Don't submit a Devil May Cry icon during Halo week. )

2. There are no skips. If you know ahead of time that you will not be able to submit a week, contact the mods before the challenge is posted and we will give you the challenge early.

3. If you miss a deadline, you are disqualified and will not be able to continue with the competition.

4. Posting your icon elsewhere before a challenge is done is automatic disqualification. This contest is anonymous and should stay that way.

5. Accept your critiques graciously. Some of the critiques may be mean or rude but it doesn't make them less truthful. If you aren't sure if you'll be able to handle that, don't sign up or just don't ask for yours crits.

6. Have fun. Remember guys, this is a contest for livejournal icons. Don't take it too seriously.

1. Sign ups for Round Three are now closed. After signing up for a round, please join and watch the community to avoid missing any deadlines or announcements.

2. There will be a new challenge every Sunday, the deadline for submissions will be Friday. Voting will open on Friday and close on Sunday. Results are posted on Sundays and the next theme will be posted shortly after. The times will vary on these due to our schedules but we'll try to stick to the evenings.

3. You will be asked to vote out your least favorite icons, this number will vary week to week depending on the number of participants remaining in the competition. With every vote you make, you will need to give a short explanation as to why you made that vote.

4. You will also be asked to vote for your three favorite icons. (Please, no voting for yourself.) These votes do not require an explanation but hey, people like to hear what was good about their icons. Stroke some egos if you want to.

5. To prove to us that you have read and understood the rules, please put the phrase "OH GOD PLEASE NOT MORE ZOMBIES" (or something similar) into your comment when signing up.

6. Every negative vote will be equal to one point against you, every positive vote will be one to three points towards you. Your final total of points will be your score for the week. Icons will the lowest scores will be eliminated. If you are eliminated, it's the end of the road for you. There is no comeback round. OKAY, WE LIED ABOUT THAT LAST PART.

Round One First place went to enacting and second place to elwhyenen.
Round Two First place went to fearthechopstic and second place to stuffedpanda.
Round Three First place went to temperamental and second place to inquisitory.

First Place will receive their choice of six months of paid time (plus icons) or a custom-made layout by either Kaiser or Mo.
Second Place will receive two months paid time (plus icons).

The current layout is Katamari Damashii and was made by furious.

CAPSLOCK, pretty shiny icons, pyramid head, rambling moderators, ugly week, video games, zombies